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Happy New Year

It is New Year’s morning.  Quiet.  All of my family is sleeping and there appear to be no cars on the road. It is the kind of hush where I get up to check the houses nearby for lights, because it’s so peaceful that I cannot believe it’s a normal day.  Everyone in the neighborhood must have partied hearty last night.  Not us.  We had our traditional Chinese food and then we watched the ‘Mr. Holmes’ film with Ian McKellan and Laura Linney that I got for Christmas. My daughter and I share a passionate like of Sherlock Holmes, although I must say that I find the writing of Arthur Conan Doyle difficult.  It’s probably because I was scared at an early age by The Hounds of the Baskersvilles and never quite got over it. But I love the character of Holmes and I revel in the portrayals of him, particularly the Benedict Cumberbatch version.

My New Year’s Resolutions are small and doable: write daily and take better care of myself. The how-tos I will keep private, as they are both boring and trivial: no one wants to hear about how my diet or how many steps I take daily. My writing practice interests no one but myself. I am surprised at how much attention writing practices get, though. How could anyone else's writing practices suit me?  My friend Edith used to sit in her basement with a manual typewriter, all morning, to write.   She found the basement the least distracting place to do it, but the thought of her writing there, when she had such an enormous house made me laugh. Edith’s zen practice, I guess. I could never write in our basement.  It's such an old basement that I would write everything with a horror tinge to it.  (I can easily imagine getting locked into the coal room by a grinning maniac.) But I do admit that I had my built-in desk placed to face away from the windows.

One other thing before I forget:  I am going to live a Calibri-free year.  I need to change my default fonts in email.  I hate that font. Doesn’t make much sense to hate a font, but I do.  I hate all sans serfi fonts, but Calibri especially.  More than Arial?  I don’t know. But it’s lovely that I can change it. Garamond, here I come.

Or should I use Baskerville?  That's a lovely font, too.

Happy New Year.  May your life be filled with serif fonts.

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